Buying a new property in a development in Portugal

Buying a new property in a development in Portugal

Find out how we can contribute to the success of your new property purchase project in Portugal.


Our Values

  • Ethics
    Independence (we are not linked to any developer or builder)
    Transparency in the choice of projects

The Mission

Catalogue on the same website the best offers of new properties in Portugal
Advise you on the best choice depending on your purchase project and according to your objective and budget
Ensuring the proper execution of contracts

Accompany you every step of the way until you hand over the keys to the notary
An expert consultant in ventures always by your side!


Our specialists work by geographical area to accompany each client according to the area of research, and in order to take on your project as close as possible to you.


They know the sector that interests you and the new real estate projects available on the market
They study your new project and advise you

They propose new properties according to your criteria and objectives


They accompany each client until the keys are handed over to the notary
Our consultants are at your service to answer your questions and accompany you at all stages of the acquisition


1. What real estate developments


We compare for you the best offers of new properties for sale from the biggest developers in the real estate market Portuguese. Specifically, we compare different relevant criteria that will allow you to choose and buy your ideal property, whatever your objective, for investment or for your own home.


2. What do great Promoters mean?


They are the main developers in Portugal who build and manage a significant volume of new housing, and smaller developers who regularly build quality properties. They are selected for their professionalism, reliability, track record, build quality, financial strength and ability to meet deadlines. We will continue to expand our selection of new developers, and builders, in order to always offer you the widest choice of new properties on a single site.


3. Is the information provided unbiased?


We are independent Real Estate Consultants and are not affiliated with any developer or builder. We have no obligation to them, although we maintain a partnership with the developers, so that we can present you with all the information you need about the developments or properties.

All the ads shown on our comparator are impartial, and are only the result of the filters applied for each search. No commercial speech, just full transparency. And we only work with the best promoters in the market to give you the best buying options and the confidence you need to make the right decisions.


4. Why do you collect some information?


In order to provide a high-quality, personalized service with property proposals tailored to your needs, it is necessary for you to provide us with a certain amount of information about you and your purchase project. That is why we ask some questions. 

The more you tell us, the more accurate the results will be. Most importantly, to save you time, you'll only have to provide your information once, even when you're looking at multiple resorts.


We know privacy is an important issue, so don't worry. We will never pass on your data without your consent. The decision is always yours. We will use this information only for matters related to your real estate project, and so that you can benefit from the personalized support of the OUR HOME PORTUGAL  team and partner developers.


For example, if you wish to be contacted by OUR HOME PORTUGAL to refine the criteria of your project, to have information about the financing of your purchase, to activate our legal department, or if a promoter has a special offer that matches your criteria, We'll make sure you're the first to be told. We're all for transparency, so if you'd like to find out more, contact us at


4. Why should I activate Our Home Portugal's FREE legal assistance before booking a property or signing a CPCV (promissory contract of purchase and sale)?


Once you have found the ideal property on our website and want to proceed with the purchase process: it is at this point that you need to activate the FREE LEGAL ASSISTANCE offered 

Please note: in order to activate our legal service, you must not be known to the promoter or already registered and in direct contact with him.


Legal assistance is completely free of charge for our clients. Our legal department verifies the conformity of the documents and contracts relating to the future transaction:


  • Booking contracts on a property
  • Promissory Purchase and Sale Contracts / CPCV
  • administrative documents such as the project submitted to the City Council, companies and individuals who own the property, those responsible for the contract, etc.


Our legal department will examine the clauses of the contract to protect our clients, as well as the conformity of the documents related to the property and the characteristics (equipment lists, inventory, etc.)

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