5 Reasons Why Portugal Is The Ideal Home For Expats

5 January 2023
5 Reasons Why Portugal Is The Ideal Home For Expats

Portugal has seen a surge of popularity in recent years for expatriates seeking to move their nest for a better life. Whether it's Lisbon, Porto, the Azores, Algarve, or further inland, this country of diverse landscape has somewhere for everyone.


1) Very affordable

Portugal took top spot in the cheapest places to live in the world article, and while the article quotes $2800 or $2000 for a couple or single respectively, speaking from experience the actual numbers are far lower.


2) Easy to apply for residence visa — useful too.

Portugal is both an EU and Schengen country which means once you have a visa to live there, you are afforded quasi-borderless travel between it and the remaining 26 countries.

The types of visas you can apply for are relatively straightforward too, the most popular kind being:

D7 Long-Stay National Visa
D8 Digital Nomad Visa

Other forms of employment or self-employment visas
Portugal has amongst the shortest residence times required to become eligible for Permanent Residence and Citizenship too — just five years.


3) Great food and wine

Oenophiles would likely have an amazing experience with the diversity and quality of wines on offer in Portugal, having recently taken seventh place in top countries for wine.

Portuguese food is quite possible one of most the underrated cuisines out there, and dining out is an amazing experience whatever the budget and seasonality.

4) English is widely spoken


In the major cities and Algarve you will have no issue conversing in English. While you should probably make genuine effort to learn Portuguese, for many the security of being able to arrive speaking English first and learning later is a strong appeal.

Being a Latin language, speakers of French, Italian and especially Spanish will have very little issue navigating their daily lives here until they learn Portuguese by osmosis.


5) Safety

Portugal was named the 6th safest country in the Global Peace Index 2022, with violent crimes scoring the lowest 1 out of 5 on its marksheet.


by : #Tim Lai - Contributor
I write about travel, remote work & digital nomadism

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