How the French Embassy in Portugal can help you

How the French Embassy in Portugal can help you

The French Embassy in Portugal, located in the historical Marquês de Abrantes palace, in the Santos area of Lisbon, has a long history of supporting French residents and visitors. It has been open since 1948 and can be divided into two separate entities: The Embassy itself, and the consular section. Learn about the differences between the two, and what services they provide.

The Embassy

The Embassy itself plays an institutional role, serving as a diplomatic bridge between France and Portugal. It is, therefore, of less use to the French citizen, who should rather resort to the consular section for most of the assistance he might need.

Nonetheless, the Embassy does provide some useful services and information for French people who are considering living in Portugal. The following is a list of the most important services:

The consular section

The consular section is where French citizens in Portugal can go to deal with most of the issues they might need and maintain ties to their country. This is where they can exercise their rights and duties, such as obtaining passports and identity cards, changing their marital status, dealing with military service requirements, register for voting and vote.

The French Embassy in Portugal has a site (French only) with a full list of consular services, but here is a list of the most relevant.

Main services provided by the consular section:

– Issuing of passports and identity cards
– Arranging a meeting with the consular section
– Information on marital state, nationality and births
– Issuing of certificates
– Notarial issues
– Information on scholarships
– Information on employment and professional training

Consular agencies

The French Consulate also operates several consular agencies in Portugal. These are represented by honorary consuls and are tasked with guaranteeing the protection of French citizens and their interests within their area of intervention. Currently there are consular agencies in Porto, Funchal, Ponta Delgada, Tavira, Coimbra and Leiria.

Useful information: contacts, schedule and how to get there

 Contacts of the French Embassy in Portugal

Address: Rua de Santos-o-Velho, 5 – 1249-079 Lisboa
Tel.: (+351) 213 939 100
Emergency number: (+351) 966 160 701
Fax: (+351) 213 939 150
Twitter: @FrancePortugal1

Office hours of the French Embassy in Portugal

Open Monday to Friday, between 08.30 e as 12.00

How to get to the French Embassy in Portugal

Train: Santos station (Cascais line)
Tram: 15E (Santos), 25E (Santos-o-Velho), 28E (São Bento, Poço dos Negros)
Bus: 713, 714 e 727 (Santos-o-Velho) and 706 (Conde-Barão)

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