AMI License of Real Estate Consultants in Portugal

AMI License of Real Estate Consultants in Portugal

Real Estate Consultants are strictly regulated, making it quite simple to verify the credentials with whom you are working, all you need is your license number (AMI) IMPIC - Institute of Public Markets, Real Estate and Construction.

Our Home Portugal |  License Number  22847-AMI


All Real Estate Consultants in Portugal are required to submit this number related to your business. This includes your web page, brochures used for promotion, business cards and all marketing and advertising ventures. This makes it extremely simple to check the credentials.


However, you have to ensure that the number is valid by visiting the IMPIC website. Https://
You can click the "check out an AMI number" link on the site and quickly enter the number. Just press "Search" and you will know if it is licensed and if the company insurance is valid.


If you find that an AMI license number is invalid, no results will be displayed on the site. You will immediately know that this is a rogue Real Estate Consultant that should be avoided.


In order to protect yourself as a buyer, you have to realize that all licensed companies are legally required to carry special coverage known as liability insurance. This cover protects both parties from any problems that may occur during the sale. If you end up working with an illegal agent who does not have this coverage, you dramatically increase the risk of financial loss.


If you are going to buy real estate in Portugal, it is essential that you protect yourself.

The best case scenario is to use a Real Estate Consultant from Our Home Portugal  that openly reveals this number.

For more information, please write to us at and a member of Our Home Portugal  will be pleased to answer any of your questions.


We look forward to helping you find your dream of having a property in Portugal.

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