Cascais, a place belonging to the sea

29 June 2023
Cascais, a place belonging to the sea

The old guides reduce cascais to a fishermen’s village that now catches tourists instead of fish. but this town that thrives from the ocean has a lot to offer to those who visit and more so for those who choose to stay and live there. it became the bait to itself.

It is said that it was the railway line electrification, in 1926, that gave Cascais the leading role in the creation of what was then called Costa do Sol, a worthy rival to the pleasurable south of France, capable of starting a duel with any holiday resort and come out winning. Truly Cascais has all it takes, and for decades the town has become synonym of good living, whether filled with luxury or not, in sight of the sea and sealed with quality. Without being crowded, this town has all that is good.


The municipality starts only a few kilometers away, with the completely different beaches of Carcavelos and Parede and a grand promenade that stretches from S. João do Estoril to the center of Cascais, following with a bikeway and a walkway all the way to the rough sea of Guincho, a spot blessed with surfers. But, let’s face it, all waves lead to Cascais.


Old spaces have been refurbished, parks have been improved, ruins resulting from time and voluntary or involuntary negligence have been restored. The Marina was created, giving Cascais an harbor for boats and walks, the Bairro dos Museus was established to concentrate exhibition venues such as the Cultural Centre, Casa das Histórias – Paula Rego and the Sea Museum, and the main attractions of nightlife were gathered by the water, making sure the centre town became a combina­tion of old and new to be experienced by day, whether for its gastronomy or diversified commerce.


By train, Cascais is a promise of small palaces, mainly in Monte Estoril. And in Estoril itself, the idea of fun has its peak in the famous Casino and the summer night merriment that stirs the sands of Tamariz beach. The ocean offers us the best seafood to be enjoyed in terraces where one would believe the sun lives in Cascais. You will enjoy days of fishing and eating, luxury and charm hotels, bathing and gambling, art and, of course, the Santini icecreams.

What a place!

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