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Electrical Engineer and Real Estate Consultant, my commitment is with life projects, helping Clients to make correct decisions of purchase and sale of properties. Based on values such as innovation and valuing people, sustainability, analyze Real Estate market trends and demographic data to identify the most sought after and profitable areas in Lisbon, Cascais and Algarve.


Portugal is already a seductive destination for a large margin of foreign investors. I would even say that it is one of the most seductive destinations of today. 

We do not only have sun for much of the year, the friendliness to welcome those who come from abroad, the ease of expressing ourselves in other languages, the quality of life... We also have good schools and universities, a good public and private health system, good infrastructure and also very good real estate.

I therefore believe that Portugal is becoming more and more attractive.


Self portrait

I travel in various passions that converge in the harmony of aesthetics. I admire the living spaces, where you can see the fingerprint of the owners, in the elegance and coherence imposed, regardless of the style, classic, minimalist, bohemian, artistic or even kitsch.
I like music, reading, writing, and good conversation.


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