5 fantastic waterfalls to discover in the Algarve

27 September 2023
5 fantastic waterfalls to discover in the Algarve

The Algarve is very associated with its beaches, but beyond them, you can find here waterfalls of a singular and simple beauty, in places such as the Serra de Monchique, Loulé or Tavira. Some of them even give you the possibility to enjoy some refreshing baths, allowing you to forget that you are within walking distance of some of the best beaches in Portugal.


Being one of the driest regions of the country, it is natural that many of these waterfalls disappear during the summer. And the ones that can subsist all year round, become even more majestic when it rains, creating a magical scenario difficult to imagine in a region like the Algarve, more famous for the sun and beaches than for the waterfalls.

If you want to discover a more genuine Algarve, away from the tourist confusion, we leave you some of the most beautiful waterfalls you can find in this wonderful region. Choose your favorite and stop the discovery of secrets known only to the locals.

1. Barbelote Waterfall (Monchique)

Cascata do Barbelote
Barbelote Waterfall

This magnificent waterfall can be found in the municipality of Monchique, very close to the highest point in the entire Algarve, Fóia. Although almost secret and known by locals, it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Algarve.


To get to the place, you can go through a car access from the road of the Vale de Largo-Babelote, or go through a small access on foot, where, after 250 meters in the middle of nature, this magnificent waterfall will be revealed, which imposes itself against the gray background of the rock and is in perfect contrast with the green of Monchique.

2. Alte Waterfall (Loulé)

Cascata de Alte
Alte Waterfall

This waterfall of the Alte stream rises in Quinta do Freixo and then joins with the Algibre stream, forming the Quarteira stream. The waterfall falls from a height of 24 meters, then ends in a large lake.

Some say that this is an artificial waterfall, built in the seventeenth century by Duarte de Melo Ribadeneyra. Artificial or not, what is certain is that this space has recently undergone some renovations, making it even more conducive to leisure. If you are here, it is also worth visiting the beautiful village of Alte, right next door.

3. Pego do Inferno Waterfall (Tavira)

Cascata do Pego do Inferno
Pego do Inferno Waterfall


This beautiful waterfall is about 7 km from Tavira, being one of several waterfalls of the Asseca stream, one of the most important watercourses in this area.

The waterfall will end in a round lagoon, which is surrounded by a refreshing wooded area, perfect for resting. You can get here through a pedestrian path, which is properly signposted and has about 500 meters.

4. Penedo do Buraco Waterfall (Monchique)

Cascata do Penedo do Buraco
Penedo do Buraco Waterfall

This magnificent waterfall is close to a tarred road, so there are very favorable conditions for the visit. To get there, depart from the Fóia Museum Center, and head east along the paved road.

The route is properly signposted, so you will have no difficulty in reaching the waterfall. However, remember that the waters only run in the rainy season, so this is the ideal time to visit the place.

5. Chilrão Waterfall (Monchique)

Cascata do Chilrão
Chilrão Waterfall

This waterfall is most visible in the rainy season, and may even stop running in dry weather. Even so, because of the landscape that surrounds it, it is still one of the most stunning and secret waterfalls in the Algarve.

The place is near the road that connects Marmelete to Chilrão, just follow the road and take the path on the right, which passes through Barranco do Preto and Cimalhadas. Next to the Cruz da Fóia, you will have to follow the dirt road that is on the right, which will take you on a descent towards this magnificent waterfall.

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