Real estate agents: Main functions

Real estate agents: Main functions

Real estate agents: Main functions

Real estate agents promote real estate, but also:
handle paperwork;
handle all bureaucracy;
they monitor the chain, ie, buyers selling their old home and sellers buying their new home;
negotiate with buyers and sellers.


Choose the best agency

Several real estate agencies focus on specific areas of Portugal, becoming specialists in that area. This can bring several benefits, since they are more informed about market prices, know the offer available in the area and the best prices to practice.


On the other hand, there are agencies with areas of activity in several cities in the country, having a general knowledge of the variation of prices, supply and demand in various areas.


To choose which one is best, see what types of properties they offer, their rates (if applicable)

Advantages of using these services
Real estate mediation is not just about “getting someone to buy a property in exchange for a commission”. It has other advantages such as:
It involves listening and understanding the reasons why you want to buy or sell a property
Carry out a diagnosis that involves analyzing the market, analyzing the best price/quality pairing, consulting the best offers in terms of finishes, location, surroundings.

It also aims to consult the most advantageous financing option and implement and put into practice the best purchase and/or sale strategy that allows the customer to make the best possible deal.


The real estate mediation service has a unique and different valuation for each client.The real cost lies in the value that the customer can lose if he is not correctly represented in the business by his intermediary.


The profession's mission is to provide clients who use a real estate agent with a prior guarantee that they are being well advised and directed to achieve a good deal with as much security and benefits as possible.


Keep up with the process when looking for a home

Write down conversations you have with real estate agents, including who you spoke to, the date and time.


In this sense, it will be in control, while still being a useful reminder of what has been discussed and agreed upon.

questions to ask

When a property catches your eye, don't be afraid to ask lots of questions.

Asking the right questions now can save you a lot of money down the road.

Real estate agents have a duty to be truthful, so ask for details.


Ask questions like:

How long has the property been on the market?
Are there planned works on the property?
What will be included in the sale?



Your offer must be:
subject to contract (STC) – final sale occurs only when contracts have been exchanged
subject to survey – this allows the cost of any failures or problems to be considered once your surveyor has verified the property.


After your offer is accepted, make sure the real estate agent has taken the property off the market and is no longer advertising it for visitors.


If someone else is interested and viewing it, you may run the risk of someone else coming in with a higher bid.

You should receive confirmation from the real estate agent about your offer. If you don't get this, be sure to order one.

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