7 April 2022

The plains to lose sight begin to unfold next to the Tejo.Se to the north the rhythm is marked by the green of the countryside, further south the landscape combines with sun, heat and a rhythm compassed. It's the Alentejo.


To the north graze horses in the lezíria; in the vast interior, the immense flatness, blond searas undulating in the wind, on the coast wild beaches, of a harsh and unexplored beauty.


The breadth of the landscape is interspersed by rocky trees or olive trees that resist time. Santarém is a natural viewpoint on the immensity of the Tagus.Here and there stands a walled enclosure, such as Marvão or Monsaraz, or the antiquity of a tapir to remember the magic of the place. In the hills, white and patio houses crown small elevations, castles evoke struggles and conquests, and courtyards and gardens attest to Arab influences that have shaped people and nature.


In the Alentejo, the strength of the earth marks the time and cities such as Elvas, classified world heritage by UNESCO, show the tenacity of the people.


Perhaps that is why culture and spirituality gain a particular character here. Just know Évora to understand why it was long classified world heritage.We admire the Roman temple and some of its churches, such as that of St. Francis with the famous Chapel of Bones Or the cathedral that marks memory and identity like all others in alentejo, in Santarém, Portalegre, Elvas and Beja. Memories of the past are also what persists in the ancient Jewish quarter, especially in Castelo de Vide.


The flatness facilitates walking or cycling, but horses are also part of the place. In Campo Branco de Castro Verde we can combine these tours with bird watching and, in dams such as Alqueva, the serenity of the waters or the contemplation of the mantle of stars of the Dark Sky Route contaminate the placidness of the place.


But we can't move north or south without exploring the coastline. There, the landscape is high and rugged, with small beaches sheltered between cliffs, and many that are ideal for surfingAnd also here there are aromas of countryside, the smelling herbs season fish, seafood and other regional dishes, which are accompanied with excellent wines of the region. Because the whole Alentejo lives to the rhythm of the earth.

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