Algarve | Fuseta an amazing trip

25 February 2023
Algarve | Fuseta an amazing trip

Walking in the old neighborhood

A small white village Fuseta, located between Olhao and Tavira. Peculiar white buildings with Arab influence descend into the sea sometimes mixing with new buildings. It is easy to relax and be caught in a calm atmosphere.

The main church is on the hill. You can check great  views from the church square. Go from Fuseta Marina to the church through the old neighborhood, past cafes and narrow, empty streets. It's amazing that while the old part of fuseta is like the Algarve construction tradition, it's not crowded with tourists and Airbnb yet.

Ria Formosa in Fuseta. Beach and Marina.

Fuseta is on the bank of Ria Formosa , the same as the nearby town of Olhao, but here things are different. Even in the city, there is a beach with sand and blue stop water.

Fuseta is something special in terms of seafront. Normally, the Ria Formosa meets us with wild waters, which are not good for swimming. But here the coast is excellent for having classic beach time and for water sports.

At the same time the village beach popular with locals, as it is easy to obtain. There is a car park nearby. The elderly and families with children chose fuseta beach, as it always has calm waters.


Islands in Fuseta:

Fuseta (Fuseta Island) and

Fuseta Bar

When you spend time on fuseta beach you will see deserted islands of white sand on the opposite side. They seem very close, but actually difficult to go swimming due to the strong current in the middle of the road. You can take a ferry or boat (often by taxi), offered by numerous companies and very quickly be on one of the islands, near the ocean.

The nearby islands of Fuseta have no settlements, unlike the islands near the nearby towns of Olhao and Tavira. The beaches here are not populated by people, are not marketed, only sand and ocean.




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