Marbella, Andalusia - High Yield Real Estate Investments

1 March 2022
Marbella, Andalusia - High Yield Real Estate Investments

Buy to rent

Buying a Villa or a House in Andalusia for investment is certainly an excellent move.Renting has the advantage of providing a fixed monthly income and gradually revaluing home ownership.

Spain is in second place in the world ranking for the number of tourists,with 83.7 million foreign tourists per year, 12 million of which in Andalusia alone.In this perspective, the choice of investing,buying a house to rent or to sell further, becomes a very interesting topic.
The short,medium and long term lease is an excellent choice to obtain a profitability from your investment, without a major direct commitment, with a return that can range from 6% to over 10%.

There are many specialized agencies in Spain that can make your life easier,taking charge of your property to rent it in the short / medium / long term using the best portals in the sector .
Furthermore, you can decide independently when to rent and for how long.

Buy to sell 

Another valid reason for investing,buying a property in Andalusia,lies precisely in the dynamics of the Spanish real estate market.Andalusia boasts a growing real estate market,both in terms of transactions and prices.

Buy to live there

Another very valid reason to invest in Andalusia,certainly no less important than the previous ones,is to buy a house in Andalusia to live there.

Among the numerous reasons to start a new life in Andalusian land,the low tax burden stands out, making the area a possible paradise for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the subtropical climate has its weight in the choice of living in this borderland between two continents. Andalusia can safely be described as a taste of North Africa,with scattered deserts and bright sunshine for most of the year. Let's not forget the Andalusian food,very tasty and appreciated all over the world. 

In addition, with a real estate investment of 500,000 Euros you can obtain the Golden Visa,a special residence that since 2013 allows investors to obtain residence in Spain. Read more.

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Andalusia - Terra Magica for your Vacation

Have you ever wondered why so many people buy a holiday home in Andalucia?

A magical land in the south of Spain, Andalusia is the best for your vacation.Andalusia seduces its visitors with the warm rays of the sun and the charm of its Arabic architecture.You will be deeply impressed by the passion of flamenco, the conviviality of tapas and the charm of small traditional villages.

Andalusia is a very large region with a long history. This land offers an impressive variety of scenic and cultural attractions.During your holiday in Andalusia,you can visit fascinating cities with a glorious past.Malaga, Seville, Granada, Cordoba and Marbella mix art, history and culture.

The small villages where time seems to have stopped in the Middle Ages, such as Ronda,Mijas, Firigliana, Nerja,must also be visited.The enchanting Pueblos Blancos sown all over the coast of breathtaking beauty, the wonderful natural parks that stretch between valleys, make Andalusia a corner of paradise.

Best Places to visit in Andalucia.

Food and Wine Tourism

There is no shortage of interesting places for those who love food and wine tourism.The “Sherry Triangle”,between Jerez de la Frontera(the innermost city)and El Puerto Santa Maria and Sanlucar de Barrameda(on the coast),reveals the secret of the production of the infamous wines of the Andalusian coast.
About the Sherry Region
Traditional Andalusian cuisine,appreciated all over the world,offers an infinite range of delicious dishes: paella,tortillas, gazpacho,fresh fish, typical drinks to be enjoyed in ciringhitos(kiosks)along the beach.

Leisure & Entertainment - The Perfect Vacation

A big advantage of Andalusia is the fact that the sun sets later than in Central and Eastern Europe, so you have more time to devote to leisure:amusement parks, outdoor bars,outdoor activities,concerts ,plays, etc.

From Marbella to Malaga, the fun can last until dawn, with a wide range of restaurants,live music,bars and discos for all tastes.

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