Ericeira World Surfing Reserve

13 March 2022
Ericeira World Surfing Reserve

A traditional fishing village, Ericeira has developed enormously during the 20th century due to the growing interest in it as a summer resort. It has, however, maintained its original characteristics and its own individual atmosphere.

Fifty kilometres from Lisbon, in an easily accessible area, its beaches are very crowded during the summer, and are considered among the best in Europe for surfing. Ribeira d`Ilhas Beach, where one of the World Surfing Championship contests is held every year, is worth a special mention.

A visit to Ericeira is also an excellent opportunity to try the shellfish and fresh fish dishes, the speciality of the regional cuisine

Head over to the World Surfing Reserve half an hour from Lisbon. You’ll find pretty beaches and a quaint fishing town called Ericeira, whose soul was forged by the sea.


Discover the World Surfing Reserve in Ericeira where even if you don’t have a board you’ll find the perfect beach.

While Pedra Branca, the Coxos and Ribeira d’Ilhas are world famous for their perfect wave conditions,there are other beaches where the water is calmer.One of them is Praia dos Pescadores,one of the safest in the whole region thanks to the bay created by the pier.

But if you’re looking for beaches further from the centre, with great bars, call in at Foz do Lizandro and Praia de São Julião. Wide and stunning,they are an ode to the Atlantic.

The picturesque Praia do Matadouro and impressive Praia de São Lourenço also deserve a visit. And of course Praia do Sul, an Ericeira landmark.

To recharge your batteries, the fine restaurants in Ericeira have the freshest fish possible.

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