Buying a house in a tourist resort

Buying a house in a tourist resort

If you decide to buy an apartment or house inside a tourist resort, you should know that there are some particularities involved in the process for purchasing the property and its subsequent use.


What are the advantages of purchasing a property in a tourist resort?

You can enjoy a range of hotel and other services, specifically maintenance and conservation of the property and common areas, allowing you to enjoy the property in a more relaxed and pleasant way.

It also has the facility to monetize periods when the property is not used, as there is a support structure for tourist activity.

What are tourist resorts?

They are establishments aimed at providing a paid accommodation service. They are giving a classification (stars), corresponding to a certain set of structures, equipment and services.

Tourist resorts may be made up of independent fractions or plots, which may be owned by several people. These independent fractions or plots at go by the name of "accommodation units", which, depending on the type of tourist resort, can be rooms, suites, apartments or houses.
What types of tourist resorts can fractions or plots be purchased in?
Any developments offering apartment or house type "accommodation units".

If you intend to purchase an apartment or house located in a tourist resort, you should confirm the following before doing so:

1- the existence of validity of licences for the construction and operation of the tourist resort. This service is provided by the City Council (Câmara Municipal) where the development is located;


2- the existence of an approved constitutive deed (título constitutivo), registered at a Land Registry Office and with Turismo de Portugal I.P.

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