Carvoeiro - Algarve

21 March 2022
Carvoeiro - Algarve

If you choose to spend your holidays in Carvoeiro,Algarve,the picturesque fishing village nearby should be your first stop for shops, restaurants and bars.


The city of Carvoeiro isn't as bustling or well-known as Albufeira or Praia da Rocha,but what you might miss in the buzzing nightlife,you'll gain in authenticity.


The village is made up of traditional fishermen's houses, located in narrow,cobbled streets, set on cliffs around a sheltered cove.


Although tourism is now the main activity in the village of Carvoeiro, the colorful fishing boats still regularly work alongside the beach and if you wake up early you can see them bring in the catch of the day.


Head to the city center on your holidays in Carvoeiro
Carvoeiro's city center is small, but it houses a variety of shops, mini-markets,restaurants and bars.


Parking can be tricky,so it's best to park outside the center and walk through the maze of streets towards the beach.


There are three main shopping streets in the city of Carvoeiro and a plaza lined with shops offering everything from souvenirs and beachwear to wine and golf equipment.This is also the place to have coffee, cake or ice cream during the day or a few beers at night.

Within the village of Carvoeiro itself, there are several places worth visiting. The Carvoeiro seafront promenade is an excellent way to get to know the city and is very accessible for families with children or people with reduced mobility.


The elevated wooden walkway takes walkers, runners and cyclists along the edge of the cliffs to the beautiful Praia da Boneca. On the way, take in panoramic views of the rugged coastline and its rock formations, the crystal blue sea and the city below.


Explore rock tunnels and caves on holiday in Carvoeiro

If you're going to spend your holidays in Carvoeiro,get ready for adventure! Less than a 10-minute walk along the walkway leads to Algar Seco,a labyrinth of rock formations, natural pools, rocky staircases and tunnels to explore at your own pace.

The Boneca cave, named after the appearance of the rock formation in the sea, with two erosion holes for 'eyes', is where you can glimpse one of the most famous views of the Algarve.The Boneca Bar at the base of the cliff is the perfect stop to cool off and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Carvoeiro voted the best beach in Europe!

At the heart of the city's life is Praia do Carvoeiro which in 2018 was elected the best beach in Europe by European Best Destinations.

He beat destinations in Croatia, Greece,England,Ireland, Spain and France for the title.This is just one excellent reason to decide to come on holiday to Carvoeiro.

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