Co-Ownership of Townhouse | Apartment - Four Owners Plan

Co-Ownership of Townhouse | Apartment - Four Owners Plan

The dream of having a beautiful holiday home in the Algarve, with its warm climate, unique beaches and golf courses, involves a large financial investment and is sometimes difficult to justify if the property is only used occasionally.


There is an Alternative:


The Four Owners Plan, a convenient rotational system, gives every homeowner the opportunity to enjoy the Algarve's mild climate all year round.

With the small investment you can co-owner a full property that will be yours to use annually on a rotation system.

You will become the owner, together with 3 other independent owners, of a modern apartment in our development, and each 1/4 of the property will be individually deeded.

This modality allows the reduction of costs inherent to tax charges and maintenance that will be divided into 4 equal parts by each owner who will be able to use the property for 13 weeks a year!


The Best Golf Properties in the Algarve

Projects were aimed at the development of different types of properties: single-family houses, semi-detached houses, apartments of various types. An on-site technical team ensures the necessary supervision to ensure that all properties are built to the highest quality standards.

Owners who wish to monetize their property can choose to hand it over to our tourist accommodation services.


What are the advantages of buying a property in a tourist resort?

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