10 reasons to visit Cascais

19 November 2022
10 reasons to visit Cascais

There are more than 10, but these are the ones that will make you come back

Get to know the weather, the beaches, the golden triangle and the best events in town

1 - The Weather

Sun, sun and ... even more sun. The weather in Cascais is made of Autumns that look like Spring, Winters that look like Autumns, Springs that fell like Summer and, of course, Summers that are really Summers, always hot. Therefore, it is the ideal destination for those who enjoy outdoor activities, who enjoy nature and want to get to know one of the most beautiful regions in the country, under a mild climate.

2 - The beaches

Cascais, on the Portuguese west coast, at the extreme point of Continental Europe, is primarily an excellent beach area. With a 30 km maritime coast, there are several beaches to choose from, some with wild features and surrounded by a beautiful scenery of dunes and mountains, others closer to the center of the village and accessible by foot. Whatever the option, in addition to amazing swims and sunbathing, there is plenty of water sports that can be practiced.

3 - “O Triângulo Dourado” (The Golden Triangle)

This is the name for the geographical connection between Cascais, Lisbon and Sintra, all three at a distance of 20 minutes between each other. So, based in Cascais, and after exploring all the corners and enjoying the good vibes of the village, it is possible to get into the car and realize why Lisbon is one of the European capitals of the moment and has the world´s attention, and still discover the mystical aura of a village full of romanticism called Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4 - Events

In other words, the busy schedule of events that happen every week in Cascais. Whether there are exhibitions, plays, music and gastronomic festivals, fairs and markets, sports competitions or nautical events - many of them with free admission - the difficult thing is to catch a day off in Cascais´s calendar.

5 - The Historical Center

There are restaurants, bars, shops and traditional commerce, still very present at the village; there is the connection to the sea, the roots of a land which also belongs to the fishermen and the bay from where boats leave for high seas every day; and then there are the streets and alleys of the center, the fortress, museums and gardens. The sum of all this makes a very rich and beautiful historical center frenetic, by day or by night.

6 - Golf

For decades, Cascais has been a golfing destination for players from around the world, honored with the “Best European Golf Destination” award in 2007 and 2016. There are several courses, all with different surroundings and designed by renowned architects, some facing the sea, others surrounded by mountains, sometimes surrounded by dunes and pine trees. Each with its genesis, but all complete and with all the necessary amenities for an excellent match.

7 - The Museum Quarter

Few destinations can boast of having an exclusive neighborhood of museums. Cascais prides itself - and rightly so. It currently has 16 museums, two urban parks and they can all be visited by foot. On the center there are old family houses transformed into museums, royal palaces, and buildings designed by Pritzker prize winnners and a cultural center with exhibitions. The difficulty is to choose where to start.

8 - Mobility

It is true that Cascais is a large region, that one needs to use a car, train or bicycle to go to some distant points and that its magic lays also in the quantity - and quality - of offers. But much of what is there to be explored can be done with both feet on the ground. Especially when it comes to the epicenter of the village, with some beaches and gardens, many restaurants and shops, museums and other attractions. The locals do it, there is no reason to be different.

9 - Hospitality

The Portuguese are mostly a welcoming people. Outgoing with tourists, proud to show off their little seaside paradise. Adding to this the fact that the Cascais residents live in an idyllic village, surrounded by nature and full of activities for people of all ages, and one can discover people who really like to receive those who come from outside. Whether for a few days, for a season or for the rest of your life.

10 - Nature

Like many other cities near capitals around the world, Cascais continues to be, as much urban development as it has, a point of contact with nature. This can be seen not only in the urban gardens, but also in the magnificent Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, on the beautiful road that connects Cascais Marina to Guincho, as well as on several other beaches. To breathe fresh air? It is in Cascais, no doubt.

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