Exclusive Lisbon itinerary, luxury found a new Capital

10 July 2022
Exclusive Lisbon itinerary, luxury found a new Capital

Lisbon is so fashionable that it has to decide whether luxury offers win the duel with tradition,  whether restaurants, hotels , shopping and night life show themselves as photocopies of what the visitor finds out there or if they present themselves as rare, unique and unique. The choice of the capital city is to guarantee the guest the services of superior quality to which he is accustomed and, at the same time, ensure that Lisbon and surroundings are an adventure that asks for a 'refill'. There is an adjacent fame: the visitor assumes that Lisbon and what surrounds it is by comparison cheaper than other cosmopolitan cities or tourist resorts to be conssure. It is Lisbon's nature to be prepared for everything: five-star hotels in iconic buildings, luxury shops, majestic restaurants in décor and cuisine and places of grandeur and romanticism without comparison.




Paris, Milan or New York have reason to fear competition from Lisbon in the luxury market. From Rua Castilho to Avenida da Liberdade there is no luxury of other people who do not have here residence of the great brands or Portuguese response to rival. Our capital extends in water line delivering the Tagus River to the Atlantic Ocean between Oeiras, Cascais and Sintra complying with the rules of a new concept of luxury. The one who was associated with the classic and unattainable understood that the new globalizing winds led by hand a life of high quality to the yard of good taste, of a 'trendy' lifestyle whose icon can be as luxurious as it is minimal. Luxury has ceased to be ostentatious: it remains scarce and for rare handbags, but it has added to it the common sense of what is good and is recommended and the discreet sophistication of it all. And Lisbon and its surroundings have it all in place





It's such a serious matter that you were entitled to a summit. Lisbon, received in April 2018 the 'Business of Luxury Summit' under the theme 'The Language of Luxury'. It is known that Portugal has long given letters as a tourist preference of masses but the luxury market, this mixture of longing to live for pleasure and financial gains to be conssure, cements in stride its references from North to South of the country, with Lisbon, Cascais and Sintra in a highlight plan. There is a wide strip on the edge of the Atlantic (never forgetting the luxurious portentos of wine tourism in a country that owes as much to the wine that knows how to make as no one) that is made of mansions, stunning hotels, aristocracy destinations, marinas and nooks of mountainrange, cosmopolitanism and calm and demure country life. Because in Portugal the idea of luxury is more personal than private, more unique than rare.



The Lisbon of luxury has unavoidable assets, as it asks for the wealth of heritage. Museums of various arts and crafts, first-class gastronomy, escapes where all that is good is concentrated (the Belém of museums and pastels of cream), where everything that counts spreads (the typical neighborhoods of the capital), the cyclical festivities, the sands of Cascais, the mysteries of the roads of Sintra. Portugal never tire of having so many places of mandatory stop that even if made for everyone, know how to treat luxury by name.


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