It's impossible to come to the Algarve and not fall in love with him

18 October 2022
It's impossible to come to the Algarve and not fall in love with him


But what makes Portugal so special? Are your mountains green or golden sandy beaches and a vast blue ocean? It is its good gastronomy, rich heritage and cosmopolitan cities. Or are the outdoor activities that can be practiced here, the temperate climate and the welcoming people that attract so many to want to live here? The truth is that although any of these incredible qualities can make a country excellent, it is its remarkable combination that makes Portugal stand out among the most desirable places in the world.



Best place to live or retire

It's impossible to come to the Algarve and not fall in love with him. Referred to as the best place in the world to live or retire from which no one is talking*, the Algarve has become home to an increasing number of emigrants from northern Europe as well as from elsewhere.

Its exclusive beaches, mild climate and more than 300 days of sunshine make the Algarve the perfect place to call home all year round.

*Live and Invest Overseas,



Lagos - Where I Reinvented the World Sophia de Melo Breyner

With a population of 35,000 inhabitants and only 12 km from and Burgau, you can find Lagos, the capital of the Maritime Discoveries of Portugal. Situated at the western end of the wide sand bay with its name, it houses the first 5-star marina in the Iberian Peninsula.

Once the headquarters of Henrique's great company, the Navigator, which led to the discoveries of the Americas, the sea route to Asia and the circumnavigation of Magellan, Lagos is now one of the most visited cities in the Algarve, having conquered the main "destination" of Trip Advisor in the world (2012).

Ponta da Piedade, the southernmost point of Lagos, is one of the most photographed natural monuments in Portugal. The headland of Ponta da Piedade, full of arches, caves and underwater caves, boasts some of the most impressive beaches in the world – the dream of an explorer

Having adopted the Slow Movement, Lagos is on the world list of Slow Cities (Cittaslow), an international group of small towns that promote high-quality living, including their gastronomy, noise reduction, traffic control, pedestrian traffic and local goods trade. Lagos thus seeks to resist the cultural standardization typical of the usual and frenetic lifestyle of the city.



Located in the municipality of Vila do Bispo, is the Burgau, nicknamed Santorini of Portugal, with its small white and blue houses, many of them with a stunning view of the sea. This small fishing village, with only 300 inhabitants and despite its low population density, Burgau offers a considerable number of great restaurants and bars, most with sea views.

The biggest attraction is Burgau Beach, with its long golden sandy beach, bathed by calm and crystal clear waters. Along the beach you can find the small boats  of fishermen who still resort to artisanal fishing techniques.

This beach is the starting point of the Costa Vicentina. With Lagos just 20 minutes along the east coast and Sagres a little further west, Burgau is a good base for exploring the western part of the Algarve. You can enjoy lovely coastal walks and stunning beaches such as Salema or Praia da Luz.

The historical references fall back to the 16th century.



The village of Burgau, are the ideal starting point to visit the Costa Vicentina, enjoying the privilege of living in a natural park, with a stunning coastline, which in the Algarve region extends to the village of Odeceixe. This well-known coast, consists of the most beautiful beaches of Portugal, protected by great cliffs, and surrounded by long trails with landscapes to lose sight of. Combining natural beauty with its characteristic rough sea, which serves as a soundtrack to the various walks by the sea, the Costa Vicentina is a Special Algarve, where preserved nature has a strong and wild character.

It is an integral part of the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina which, with more than 110Km, is the largest extension of Portuguese coast subject to protection. Endowed with a unique and untouched landscape, it provides numerous privileged scenarios for those looking for diversity and wild beauty, with numerous possibilities of outdoor activities.


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