Californians are increasingly buying houses in Portugal

30 July 2022
Californians are increasingly buying houses in Portugal

It's not just Hollywood actors like Scarlett Johansson buying houses in Portugal. There are more and more Californians and Silicon Valley influencers buying houses in our country.

In a publication in the Diário de Notícias, Portugal has recently become a destination for Californians, "the chic new place to grow a startup, form an international team, buy an apartment and really live", where "the cost of living is less than half that of California, a dinner for two costs about 25 dollars, a good supermarket wine is cheaper than bottled water in the US state" and where the effects of the pandemic are practically non-existent.
The news and praise are part of an extensive article published in Los Angels Magazine and highlighted in the Diário de Notícias note, which reminds us that after the Brazilians, French, Ukrainians, British, Africans and Italians, more and more Californians are moving to Portugal. The article recalls that actress Scarlett Johansson bought an apartment in Príncipe Real, that Michael Fassbender has a house overlooking the Tagus River and that John Malkovich even published a video praising Lisbon. Besides the Hollywood actors who are buying houses in Portugal, the magazine says that several Silicon Valley influencers are also investing in our country. To live and work.
"The newly arrived celebrities in Portugal are symbols of a diaspora in the making. Emigration from the US to Lisbon and Porto increased by 33% the year before the pandemic. Once considered Europe's budget vacation destination, Portugal has now been Europe's top tourist spot for several years running," the article further reads.
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