The 14 best and most beautiful beaches in the Algarve

3 January 2023
The 14 best and most beautiful beaches in the Algarve

It is also more and more foreigners who visit the Algarve and end up buying a house in the region and transforming this tourist destination into their second home or, in many cases, the first. 

The best beaches in the Algarve may not necessarily be to everyone's liking. It depends mainly on the type of beach that each tourist enjoys. However, the beaches of the Algarve are varied and you can both find beaches surrounded by cliffs as long white sandy beaches, almost deserted beaches and beaches full of people. Discover the best and most beautiful beaches in the Algarve.


1. Dona Ana Beach (Lagos)


Praia Dona Ana
Dona Ana Beach

It is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the Algarve. In fact, this paradisiacal beach is a common presence in the illustrated postcards of the region. Its waters are clear and quiet and the sand is sheltered by cliffs. The rocks scattered across the sand give a picturesque touch to the landscape and house some marine life forms. The only one but? The waters of this beach are surprisingly cold, even during summer. But between you and me... it's well worth it!


2. Manta Rota Beach (Vila Real de Santo António)


Praia da Manta Rota
Manta Rota Beach

Located in Monte Gordo Bay, Manta Rota beach is one of the best beaches in the Algarve for families with children. This is because, when the tide drops, the low depth of the waters allows it to advance through the incoming sea for several meters. In addition, its extensive sand allows the practice of various sports and, in addition, ensures space to extend the towel without worrying about the neighbors. You can also rent sun loungers if you prefer more comfort.


3. Cova Redonda Beach (Lagoa)


Praia da Cova Redonda
Cova Redonda Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Lagoa and has also been considered as one of the most beautiful in Europe. Cova Redonda beach is completely surrounded by cliffs that provide you with a calm and welcoming environment, ideal for families with children. The waters are clear and crystalclear and the sand is fine and white. And even the way to reach the beach is magical: a large Portuguese cobblestone staircase leads the holidaypers to this beach of turquoise waters.


4. Praia da Marinha (Lagoa)


Praia da Marinha
Navy Beach

The paradisiacal beach of the Navy was once considered one of the 100 most beautiful beaches in the world. And it's no accident. The stunning nature of these stops exceeds anything imaginable. The blue and crystal line water is populated by rocks and porticoes suspended over the sea. The fauna is another of the attractions of this beach, which is great for diving. The sand is small but cozy. In the vicinity there are other small beaches and several caves to explore.


5. Odeceixe Beach (Aljezur)


Praia de Odeceixe
Odeceixe Beach

There is no doubt: the beach of Odeceixe is one of the most beautiful in the Algarve and is an authentic postcard of the region. That's why you can choose to bathe in the ocean waters or in the slightly warmer waters of the river. When the tide is low, small lagoons form on the sand that make the delights of the little ones. The venue is also popular with surf enthusiasts.

6. Carvoeiro Beach (Lagoa)


praias mais bonitas do Algarve
Carvoeiro Beach

The small fishing village of Carvoeiro has become, in recent years, a tourist center of excellence in Lagoa. And there is no shortage of reasons for this: the streets and houses still retain traces of yore, cascading down to the beach, with picturesque doors and windows decorated with flowers. The sand is small but cozy. It lies boats of fishermen who are now dedicated to taking tourists to the nearby sea caves. Along the cliffs there are trails and walkways to explore.


7. Albandeira Beach (Lagoa)


Praia da Albandeira
Albandeira Beach

Another of the beaches of Lagoa to enter directly to the list of the most paradisiacal in Portugal. And it's no accident! Albandeira beach is a small nolet (small even, just like its sand) full of charm. The rock formations surrounding this beach provide a unique atmosphere, especially the famous Albandeira arch. The sea is blue, pure and crystalline. And in the vicinity there are many other small beaches, almost secret, as well as caves that are worth exploring.


8. Camilo Beach (Lagos)


Praia do Camilo
Camilo Beach

This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Lagos and the entire Algarve. The small camilo beach is snug between cliffs that provide a unique atmosphere. To get to the sand you need to go down a staircase with 200 steps (the worst is the return, when you will have to climb them). From the top of the cliff you can see much of the coast between Lagos and Albufeira.


9. Beach of the 3 Brothers (Portimão)


praias mais bonitas do Algarve
Beach of the 3 Brothers

Right next to alvor beach (there are even those who consider that it is only the continuation of this beach), the beach of the 3 brothers is a small sandy beach completely protected by cliffs that provide a cozy environment. The beauty of the surrounding landscape increases even more when the sun ends. It is that this beach is considered as one of the best in the Algarve to contemplate the sunset. With some care, you can venture further to your left side and contemplate some algares (caves on the slopes).


10. Monte Clérigo Beach (Aljezur)


praias mais bonitas do Algarve
Monte Clérigo Beach

In recent years, the beach of Monte Clérigo, in Aljezur, has attracted more and more tourists and is no longer a well-kept secret to which few had access. The sand is large and, when the tide drops, small natural pools are formed, perfect for the fun of the little ones. It is also possible to find crabs and sea stars along the beach line. Right next door there is a pine forest, perfect for family picnics.


11. Carvalho Beach (Lagoa)


Praia do Carvalho
Carvalho Beach

Carvalho beach becomes a small paradise for those who can appreciate it and take advantage of aspects such as the cave that allows you to access it, the sand completely surrounded by cliffs and the cliff that can be seen in the sea. Even the access to the beach itself is special, as it was carved by hand between the rocky cliffs that protect the sand, in the form of a cave. At the top there is an area with interesting varieties of coastal vegetation, equally pleasant in sight.


12. Benagil Beach (Lagoon)


Praia de Benagil
Benagil Beach

The small but cozy beach of Benagil, in Lagoa, has gained worldwide fame in recent years, much because of the cave with the same name that is right next door. The waters are calm, blue and crystal clear. The cliffs that surround it, typical of this area of the Algarve, provide a warm and propitious environment for a family beach day. On the beach there are typical fishing boats that take guided tours of the nearby caves.


13. Barril Beach (Tavira)


Praia do Barril
Barril Beach

Barril beach, sensibly in the middle of Tavira Island, is one of the most charismatic beaches in the Algarve. It is easily recognizable by its set of large anchors buried in the sand. And it is still one of the quietest and least frequented in the entire Algarve coast, managing to be spacious even during high season. Arriving at this beach is another of its attractions (and that make children always happy): access is made by a small tourist train that departs from the tourist village of Pedras d'El Rei.


14. Cabanas Beach (Tavira)


Praia de Cabanas
Cabanas Beach

Cabanas beach is one of the most famous beaches in Tavira. The sand is narrow but quite long and is right in front of the village of Cabanas, whose population has always been linked to tuna fishing. The only way to access the island (and its beach) is by boat, right from the marginal of Cabanas. One of the best things you can do here (besides going to sunbathe and sunbathing) is to walk along the beach and enjoy the surrounding nature that is still part of the Ria Formosa Natural Park.



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