Best places to experience the Reformation in Europe

30 April 2023
Best places to experience the Reformation in Europe

A publication of the well-known publication EUROPEAN BEST DESTINATIONS.

He's had a hard working life and he's sick of it! Need a long rest or want to start a guest house or bed and breakfast in the sun? We have selected for you the best destinations in Europe for a happy retirement.

Sea, sun, farniente, affordable properties, good air connections, good hospitals, cultural activities and good restaurants are guaranteed! Come and discover the best European destinations to retire in Europe and before settling in the country, make your first visit by booking your hotel at the best price.

The EU's BEST DESTINATIONS have chosen the 15 best places to retire in Europe. Three of them are here, in Portugal.


It's no secret: the Algarve is one of the favourite destinations for European retirees; English, French and German retirees love the place with all the sun and nature unspoiled.

The Portuguese are friendly people and Portugal is rich in history; It's also the perfect country for foodies. Book your hotel, villa, apartment, guesthouse at the best price in the Algarve and discover the beauties and riches of this destination.


The Madeira Islands are a gift from heaven to people who have worked all their lives. Like Churchill and his wife, come and rest in the Madeira Islands and enjoy Funchal's city centre, its shops and its typical market.

Discover the beautiful village of Santana and its traditional houses or the island of Porto Santo and its kilometric beach of fine sand. The locals are friendly and polite. In addition, they can speak several languages; They will help you adapt to the islands, their beautiful sunshine and mild temperatures all year round.


Many retirees choose to settle in the Algarve, the south of Portugal, or Madeira with its delightful climate and stunning scenery, but Porto and the North of Portugal are excellent destinations for retirees; Real estate is cheaper and cultural life is richer.

Porto and the North of Portugal are perfect for retirees who want to have an active social and cultural life and benefit from an airport connected to the whole world. Porto enjoys an incredible quality of life and all the facilities of a big city such as the many shops, public hospitals and private clinics, but also a direct access to the sea and a magnificent river, the Douro.

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