Porto among the world's most popular "five-star" attractions per visitor

18 August 2022
Porto among the world's most popular "five-star" attractions per visitor

In a study titled "Underrated City Breaks," Bounce looked at 100 of the world's most visited cities and ranked them based on which they have the highest percentage of five-star rated attractions, but the fewest visitors, to reveal which urban destinations are most "underrated."


Porto emerges as a quality and highly rated urban destination, with 36% of its attractions rated five stars, out of a total of 1,310 activities mentioned to do in the city. Considering the good evaluation of attractions and the number of international arrivals (2.49 million), the study places Porto on the podium of destinations with the lowest concentration of tourists by number of attractions rated five stars, considered it positively "underestimated" in the international landscape.


Among the 100 cities analyzed, Porto ranked second, with an overall score of 8.74 out of 10, in equality with Marrakesh. In the first place was Rhodes, Greece.


At the other end of the ranking were cities such as Paris, New York and London, ranked worse for having a large number of visitors relative to the percentage of attractions in these five-star destinations.


That international travel website adds that "it is worth visiting Porto for its impressive bridges, the colorful houses and, of course, the Port Wine."


The results of this study corroborate the strategic positioning of the municipality not to become a destination of masses, but a destination of quality with multiplicity in the offer of experiences, rich from the point of view of historical and cultural identity, sustainable and in communion with the local community.


The study methodology considered euromonitor's "Top 100 City Destinations" and the number of visitors registered in 2019 for each city analyzed. The Tripadvisor platform supported searches of the total number of things to do in each city, as well as the number of five-star rated attractions by visitors. All details of the study can be found here.


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