Madeira Island -Handicrafts

20 May 2022
Madeira Island -Handicrafts

Madeira Embroidery was born about 150 years ago and acquires a great commercial expression between the 19th and 20th centuries.

Characteristic of naturalistic motifs inspired by the island, they are carefully designed and embroidered by skilled embroiderers. Its production process goes through several phases until it is certified with a seal that guarantees its authenticity and quality




The villain's boot

These boots wore for many years much of the Madeiran population given their durability, strength and impermeability that allowed them to travel great distances.

Currently the villain boot is most used by folk groups, but there are several creative versions that give it a more contemporary look.

Its production begins to be scarce, however you can witness this process in one of the existing factories in Funchal.


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