Top 10 countries to spend your retirement

9 July 2023
Top 10 countries to spend your retirement

In France, the vast majority of seniors want to fly abroad to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. Moreover, the number of retirees living outside French territory continues to grow every year. Are you also thinking of settling in a dream setting to have a good time after a long career? Before you decide on the perfect destination country, check out this top 10 best countries to settle in retirement.

1 – Portugal

It must be said that Portugal is unbeatable: it has been holding the first place in the ranking of the best destinations to spend your retirement for 5 years. According to figures from the France Embassy in Portugal, more than 10,000 French retirees have now taken up residence there.
And for good reason, this European country enjoys a much cheaper cost of living compared to France. Thus, for a retirement pension of around € 1,500, you can enjoy a comfortable life in Portugal. On the other hand, spending your retirement in Portugal allows you to enjoy a European quality of life. Not to mention the richness of the country in terms of natural heritage and its geographical proximity to the France.
Portugal is also highly appreciated by French retirees for its tax advantages. Since 2013, a 10-year tax exemption has been granted to the retirement pensions of workers in the private sector. How to benefit from it? Simply by living more than 183 days a year in Portugal and obtaining the status of "non-habitual resident".

2 – Spain

Settling permanently in Spain is also the dream of many French retirees. The figure of 191,000 pensioners of the French general scheme who currently live there proves this greatly.
The main cause of this enthusiasm of retirees for Spain is because it allows to enjoy a very pleasant Mediterranean climate while remaining in Europe. The country of flamenco also offers a great sweetness of life with a higher purchasing power than in France.
This destination is also perfect if you are looking for a real estate acquisition at a bargain price. Another positive point of spending your retirement in Spain is the opportunity to enjoy a health system comparable to that of the France.

3 – Thailand

For the more adventurous seniors in search of sunshine and change of scenery, spending your retirement in Thailand is also a great idea. This country is acclaimed for its low cost of living, which makes it perfect for low-income retirees. We love its wide variety of breathtaking landscapes with its Zen hinterland and islands with idyllic beaches. Not to mention, of course, its modern living environment and its very welcoming population. The country is also full of activities to discover for an active retirement.
Another reason that pushes more and more retirees to enjoy their old age in Thailand is that the country has many infrastructures dedicated to health. You can find many luxury hospitals with state-of-the-art medical equipment, qualified doctors in the United States or Japan and a high quality of service.

4 – Morocco

Many seniors are also interested in Morocco as a destination to spend a peaceful retirement abroad. To be more precise, more than 60,000 French retirees have chosen this very welcoming land to expatriate. This figure is not at all surprising if we take into account the pleasant Moroccan climate throughout the year. This country is also chosen for its beautiful proximity to France; Linguistic and geographical proximity.
Morocco also offers advantageous taxation to retirees. Indeed, a tax treaty between France and Morocco stipulates that the amount to be declared can benefit from 40% tax relief. You can even benefit from an 80% tax reduction on the amount of your pension provided that it is paid into a Moroccan account in non-convertible dirhams.

5 – Mauritius

If we consider its sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons and mild climate almost all year round, it is rather logical to find Mauritius in the top 10 countries where to spend your retirement. Admittedly, this place is not so close to the France, but it seduces many French retirees.
Enjoying a landscape worthy of a postcard is one of the main advantages of spending your old age in Mauritius. However, the idyllic setting is not its only asset. In this country, the inhabitants speak French. In addition, the cost of living is about 15% cheaper than on French territory.
On the tax side, spending your retirement in Mauritius allows you to benefit from many advantages. In this country, there is no wealth tax, inheritance tax or real estate capital gains tax. You will also not be subject to deductions from dividends. As for your retirement pensions, they are subject to a single flat rate of 15% if you are a resident.

6 – The Dominican Republic

Many French seniors also choose the Dominican Republic to spend their retirement. It's hard not to be tempted by its paradisiacal landscapes and pleasant climate with a warm sun all year round. The country also has a considerably lower cost of living than France and other European countries. This is especially the case for local products. In addition, the medical care offered in the major cities of the Dominican Republic is of very good quality while being cheaper compared to that offered in other countries.
In the Dominican Republic, retirees also benefit handsomely in terms of taxes. Indeed, the law of the country ensures a tax exemption on retirement pensions. In short, there, you have the opportunity to transfer your property without paying taxes. Not to mention, of course, the 50% discount on annual property taxes.

7- Senegal

If during your retirement, you are looking for a total change of scenery, you will certainly enjoy Senegal. This destination offers a great sweetness of life, breathtaking sites, a multi-ethnic culture and traditions, etc. In terms of gastronomy, this country has the reputation of offering the best cuisine in West Africa.
The cost of living is much cheaper than in France, allowing you to make great savings and thus better enjoy your retirement. Senegal is also of interest to seniors for the ease of the steps to be taken to be able to settle there. The downside is the lack of resources and poor management in hospital structures. It will be necessary to reach the capital to benefit from more efficient care.

8 – Italy

Passing under the Italian sun is also a great idea to enjoy your old age. Italy offers, in fact, many cultural, gastronomic and natural riches. As for the Italian health system, it is very successful in the north of the country, but it is often less brilliant in the south.
Advantageous tax provisions for pensioners are introduced in Italy. In this country, no fees are charged for gifts, inheritances and income from real estate capital. A nice advantage when you know the inheritance fees charged in France.

9 – Vietnam

Welcoming inhabitants, grandiose landscapes, a rich cultural heritage, light cuisine... There are so many reasons that push French retirees to settle in Vietnam to spend their retirement. Of course, you will have to accept living far from the France, but the advantages are numerous.
This country also has a much cheaper cost of living than in France. As for taxation, you have the choice between being a tax resident in France or Vietnam depending on what is more interesting for you.

10 – Bali

Bali also deserves your attention if you are looking for the perfect destination to spend your retirement. Living in this Indonesian country means living between volcanoes and beaches. The low cost of living on site also allows French seniors to enjoy a comfortable life in a heavenly setting. In addition, your integration will be done very quickly, because the locals are very kind. There are also expat networks that will make you feel right at home.

Ease of installation, cost of living, health system, climate and nature... so many criteria were taken into account to determine the best destination for a peaceful retirement. If Portugal, Spain and Thailand are at the top of the ranking, many French retirees are also interested in spending happy days in countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, or Mexico. In any case, remember to inform yourself about your destination before leaving. Do not forget to carry out all the necessary administrative and health procedures.

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