Alcochete Village

5 March 2023
Alcochete Village


Situated on the southern bank of the Tagus Estuary, and gateway to the most important wetland in Europe, the municipality of Alcochete integrates the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon, benefiting from a privileged access to the capital through the Vasco da Gama Bridge, in addition to the access es to the Northern highway, IC 32, and the connection to the A2 Algarve 

Founded by the Arabs with the name of "Alcaxete" meaning ovens and whose origin is thought to be owes to large ovens to bake clay that existed here, Alcochete was conquered by D. Afonso Henriques, 1st King of Portugal, in the 12th century.

In the 15th century, this region where species such as deer, boars and wolves abounded, was very frequented by the nobility that organized large hunts here, and remained for long seasons in their summer residences.

Salt pans are the great natural wealth of this area, and Alcochete has long been considered the most important center of salt production in the country, an activity that still today remains fundamental in the local economy.

As in almost all Ribatejo, horses and bulls are also created in Alcochete, and the population cultivates a taste for the "wild party", which reaches the maximum exponent in the "Festa do Barrete Verde e das Salinas", which take place annually in the 2nd week of August, and in which the starts and bull races are the most characteristic show.

In the vicinity is the Tagus Estuary Nature Reserve, where you can see several birds that pass through here in their migrations, of which the flamingos flocks stand out.



The richness of local gastronomy finds its greatest inspiration in the variety of fresh fish that reaches the local restaurants and is presented or made in different ways. Highlight for the roasted fish, but also for the stew and stew.

Attracted by the freshness of the ingredients and the traditional way of making them, inspired by the "secrets" of a family kitchen preserved from generation to generation, the connoisseurs of these dishes of Beira-Tejo visit Alcochete frequently and sometimes travel a few kilometers, to enjoy quality moments "at the table" in a Municipality that excels for receiving.

Well "fritinhas", in stew or stew, the eels stand out in the menus of the local restaurant, along with the most varied fish, that the "soil" or in a rich and beautiful stew, star in unique moments of tasting.

Roasted on the grill, in a stew, in a rice that can be octopus, monkfish or seafood, or in a tasty pasta, there is no doubt that the fish dominates the local menus, not forgetting the much appreciated cod, but it is also certain that there are also several meat specialties, lamb stew is a dish, which you can taste at several local restaurants.

The local gastronomic heritage also includes soups that have been refined over time, such as Alcochetana Soup, Fish Soup, Acochetanas Clams or traditional Salsadas Potatoes, which at once were the basis of the salt parsley food, but which currently remain table options for local people.

For dessert the sweet rice, the terroal soup and the famous stove take on a leading role but to learn more about these sweets, cakes and cookies we suggest a click on the Sweets council.


Find out where you can taste these and other delicacies in the local restaurant and visit one of the many restaurants in the municipality of Alcochete

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