Apartment - T3 - Oeiras

Lisboa, Oeiras
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106,48 m2

100,19 m2


2 Bedroom Apartment

A historic building, ready for the future
New era of modernity and vitality replaces the old engraving factory
Designed by Atelier de Arquitectura GAVINHO, the project is inspired by SOHO's architectural style, characterized by the conversion of old industrial structures into contemporary and comfortable residences.

In the small town of Dafundo, in Algés, located between the capital and the beach, there is an old printing press, where there was certainly no word that was not printed there in the tireless presses.
The lyrics also found a place in the work of several writers – Eça de Queiroz, Aquilino Ribeiro, Almeida Garrett – who praised Dafundo for its famous beach and vibrant walkway, an elegant tourist destination with a good atmosphere, where people went to eat, drink and stroll.

The old engraving factory in Dafundo is reborn with the construction of outdoor spaces and terraces, restaurants, temporary and rotating kitchens with local vendors, bars, live music, among others, giving life back to the long history of social/cultural activities in the area

The new development will maintain the structure of the façade and renew its exterior design.
A complete refurbishment that will extend to the interior of the 65 apartments (T0 to T5), 5 townhouse style villas, a palace and a commercial space with all modern and top-of-the-range amenities.

An immersive experience that radiates from the inside to the outside.
While the façade of the building will be preserved to maintain its past, the interior of the units will be completely renovated with all modern and high-end amenities


Your comfortable and carefree life resides here. The numerous amenities available make for a little slice of paradise where complications are left at the door.

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