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92,87 m2

Sale price
815 000 €

Ref: OHP 001-109

Apartment 1 Bedroom Duplex

The charm in the corner of Lisbon

It is next to one of the most emblematic squares of Lisbon, Rossio Square, which is located the tourist resort, a building composed of 36 apartments, with typologies T0, T1, T1 Duplex and T2 Duplex.

This corner of Lisbon that enchants people from all corners of the world, perfectly represents the intersection between heritage and modernity, which results in a picturesque and inviting space at the center of the city movement. Despite being a rehabilitated building, it maintains its typical Lisbon structure, continuing with the three original floors, overlooking the river, it is the ideal address for those who want to live or invest in one of the cities that most vibrates with the constant tourist growth.

The development is close to important monuments for the metropolis, such as the statue of D. Pedro IV, the D. Maria II theater and the Coliseu dos Recreios. Next to Rossio Square, you are in a privileged place in terms of transport, within walking distance of the metro, bus and Rossio train station.

This is the perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to be where everything happens, but still have a luxury retreat they can call home

Q: Are the apartments Tourist apartments?

A: Yes

Q: What is the difference between a residential building and a tourist  building?

A: The difference between classic residential complexes and holiday apartment complexes lies in the services to be provided to the latter, according to their individual classification. Holiday apartment developments offer a way to generate income by operating a property for tourist purposes. The holiday apartments are essentially a revenue-generating product, being promoted by the managing entity designated by the owners, which is responsible for the management of all the holiday apartments of the development.

The owners of the holiday apartments are not obliged to use their apartments for tourist purposes and can therefore use them as permanent residence.

Q: Can I make this apartment my permanent residence  ?

A: Yes, you can, just by informing the manager of your intention and signing a contract to that effect. From a logistical point of view, it is necessary to ensure the maintenance of the apartment properly furnished and equipped according to the requirements and standards applicable to the classification "establishment for tourism".

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